The principle objective of our kennel is to create bodily and mentally sturdy and wholesome American Bully pit bulls and pups with nice qualities, agility, construction, genetics and temperament.

This is why we paintings with the most efficient of the most efficient lineages of kennels and breeders in Brazil and the sector.

Our Canil pitbully breed canine have a mixture of the sector’s perfect bloods comparable to Redlion, Camelot, Thompsom and the canine of the American bully breed have the presence of the long-lasting breed, the well-known DAX, with its closed blood line DAXLINE and unique line bully the icone Mr. Miagi, blood international referred to as MIAGIBLOOD.

All our canine are a part of our circle of relatives so we by no means be offering or promote grownup canine. The time we spend with each and every pitbull or bully actually presentations your persona and temperament. We be sure that from the primary day of existence with the pups they’ll be cared for in the most efficient imaginable dwelling prerequisites. We additionally don’t send the pups beneath 45/50 days of existence, which guarantees that they’re mentally ready to visit their new properties. All through this level the infant pups can be presented to many new issues together with kids, buddies, small animals, cats and different canine, all this to offer self assurance that pet wishes and test if they’re being mentally stimulated.

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